Presentan en Londres 2018...

(modalidad oral y póster)

Felicitamos a quienes fueron seleccionados para presentar en la próxima IADR en Londres y nos han confirmado su participación 

(lista en actualización una vez que el autor confirme su registro y asistencia al evento)

  • A Three-Dimensional Technique For Highly Anatomical Implant-Supported Direct Prov...

 Pablo Atria

  • Relationship between education level with tooth loss and pain

Josefina Aubert

  • Compliance with oral hygiene improves oral health indexes in elders 

 Daniel Bravo-Cavicchioli

  • LPS-defective Porphyromonas Gingivalis Mutant Down-regulates the Dendritic Cell...

Francisca Castillo

  • Cranial Parameters for Occlusal plane orientation: A Systematic Review 

 Raul Frugone-Zambra

  • Ovalbumin anticariogenicity of Streptococcus mutans and Streptococcus sanguinis dual...*

Rodrigo Giacaman

  • Linoleic Acid Induces Gap Closure Of OKF6-Cells Through Hemichannel-Connexin Act...

David González Quintanilla (Hatton)

  • GCF TRAP5 and MMP-8 discriminate mild periodontitis with high accuracy

Marcela Hernandez

  • Root Caries Arrest with High-Fluoride Dentifrices in Community-dwelling Elders, RCT.

Soraya León

  • Aggregatibacter actinomycetemcomitans serotype b induces Th22-lymphocyte response

Gustavo Monasterio

  • Social disparities in caries experience in children 1 to 6 years old from the Metropolitan...

María José Monsalves

  • Cross Cultural Validation of OHIP-TMDs in Spanish Speaking Population

Juan Oyarzo

  • Tooth surfaces most frequently affected by erosive tooth wear

Valeria Ramirez

  • Placental Proteins in Gingival Crevicular Fluid and Periodontal Status as Early Predictors of...

Ornella Realini

  • Chemokine receptor CCR7 in ectopic lymphoid-cluster formation during periodontitis 

Carolina Rojas Pérez

  • Mandibular Ameloblastoma: Therapeutic consideration applied to two clinical cases

Luis Romo     

  • Accuracy on color matching using different digital photography techniques 

 Camila Sampaio     

  • The Mini-CEX as a formative assessment instrument to visualise learning improvements...

Jorge Tricio

  • Comparative Analysis of Installation Time Between Different Night Guard Splints*

Vicente Wielandt

Chilenos en el extranjero

  • Translating Evidence to Clinical Practice: An example of Evidence Matrices 

 Francisca Verdugo (España)

  •  Attitudes to the Sugar-Tax in Chile: Implications for Oral Health 

 María Josefina Valenzuela (Reino Unido)

  • *Modalidad presentación oral